Daily Archives: August 14, 2018

Better Know the Band

Y’all know me, I’m the short one with the red hair and big mouth often holding a Telecaster or BluesHawk…

For those of you unacquainted, I’d love to introduce the band: (you can find bios at the “band” link!)


Kevin Lance (drums and vocals) and I first played together on a fun weekly experimental round robin rambler gig with Matt Hubbard, Cole Berg (then Cole El-Saleh) and Charlie Prichard at Austin’s Ruta Maya around 2005(ish). When we’re not on tour, you can often find him with the Texas Tycoons, Nakia, and other super fun gigs. Kevin has been driving this band from behind that kit since 2014. That’s him on “Moon Goes Missing” https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/moon-goes-missing/1239984437 

Here’s a link to his bio: http://carolynwonderland.com/band/kevin-lance/



Greg Rzab (bass) and I first met when he was playing in Buddy Guy’s band and my band had the honor of opening a run of shows for them in the mid to late nineties. We’d run into each other on the road, as musicians do, and subsequently he recommended me to play with him and Jay Davenport in John Mayall’s band. I’m happy to report I could still speak after pulling my jaw off the floor and uttered “yes,” and have happily been in John’s band since Spring 2018.…